Deep Fried Everything

The SD County Fair, where you have the option of eating deep fried: oreos, butter, snickers, ice cream, cheesecake, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING deep fried. People get more creative (and fat) every year. I got to go with my babecave-613-roomies, Carly and Kat (+ Carly's bf, Kyle, and his friends, Matt & Elena). I found the fair to be more fun when I was younger because 1- I had no fear of the sketchy fair rides, 2- my stomach was invencible to fair food, and 3- I had the energy to run around the fairgrounds about 10 times. Anyways, although I felt like an old fart at the fair, we still had a blast and ate all things fatty (sorry mom). We went on a couple of rides and, one of them being, obviously, the fariswheel. We had our fair share of fair food: fried oreos, fried ice cream, garlic fries, and sketchy chinese food. Once it got dark we walked around and went into the various exchibits. Kyle spent about $40 playing toss-the-ring games in order to win an elephant plush toy for Carly- who knew those games were so ridiculously hard to win at?! With that said, Carly left without an elephant and Kyle with $40 less in his wallet. We topped off our day with a funnel cake, a fair must. Happy I got to go for a second year in a row with my girls.

Since Carly was in SD for the weekend, Kat and I got to spend the next day with her as well. We caught up with Kat's parents at lunch and from there we headed over to Coronado Island. The day was absolutely perfect, its as if it knew we were coming ;) We walked on the main road and peeped into the various cute boutiques and stopped to get our coffee fix - Cafe 1134...GO THERE, they have delicious chais.

I love spending time with these two girls, it feels like freshman year all over again- when it felt like it was us against the world.