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I am not sure where to begin with London. I could tell you all about how magical the city looks in the winter, or attempt to describe what Wisteria hanging on mews are like, but words would fall short to this place. London is like nothing else. It is a city that harbors a plethora of cultures and languages. It's a place to quickly becomes home to the tiredsome traveler. 



something about the coastline 

the basics

Being that it is a small town, you are bound to run into the same people on the bus, bars, and city centre. What a concept. 

  1. German is the dominant language. Not to worry, most people within the city centre speak English and are kind enough to deal with toursits asking where the nearest bus stop is. Don't be shy.
  2. Using public transportation is key. Buses will get you all around town and are easy to locate and figure out the lines.  They have different tickets: 24 hours is XX, 1 week is XX and a monthly pass is XX. And yes, you do need to run for that bus. 
  3. Get some Euros. Since it is a small town (though evolving fast) I'd recommend carrying cash with you to be safe. Most large CCs are accepted, just make sure to carry an ID (and no, not your passport...plz)
  4. Just eat the damn cake. During my years spent abroad I have acquired a life motto: calories don't count while on vacation (or... in general really). You're in one of the most painteresque cities. Grab your Americano (or verlangeter) and pair it with a chocolate croissant. 


your guide to eating, drinking, and exploring like a local*

*do leave the fanny pack at home




  1. Brunch & Cake
  2. Cosmo
  3. Flax & Kale
  4. Federal Cafe
  5. Restaurante Miño
  6. Lolita Taperia 



  1. Satan's Coffee Corner
  2. SKYE Coffee Co.
  3. Nomad Coffee Lab
  4. Onna Coffee
  5. Cafe Cometa 



  1. Sagrada Familia 
  2. Park Guel
  3. Playa de la Baceloneta
  4. Parque de Ciudatadella
  5. Avenida Las Ramblas